Life Church Pachuca, Mexico

Freedom in pachuca, hidalgo, mexico

"In 2016 God called our family to Pachuca, Mexico.  We already had a connection there with the Carranza family.  They had lived in Sulphur, LA a few years before.  Pastor Jon was going to be the principal at a new private school in Pachuca and was looking for native English speaking teachers to move and teach with him.  God moved mountains to get us there, and we went.  We knew the teaching position was a way to support our true mission there, planting Freedom Ministry.  Living in a country and not being able to speak the language was a challenge, but from the minute we stepped foot in our new church home we were welcomed with open arms.  People  immediately took us in as family and loved us unconditionally.  They had a hunger for freedom that God uses through this ministry.  Freedom to break free from the bondage we often live in and accept as part of life.  We developed a team of leaders. and began teaching and equipping them with the knowledge God continues to give us.  We lived and actively participated in community there for 1 year.  God used us to successfully plant freedom in Pachuca Mexico.  Our family is forever changed  and part of our hearts will always be in Pachuca" - April Pilkerton

To this day, freedom ministry is not only still active but thriving and growing.  Churches from across the area are participating and learning in order to take it back to their communities.  Life Church Pachuca hosts Freedom 2 nights a week.  

In 2017, Life Church Pachuca hosted a team that consisted of 6 different churches from the United States to come together for the first ever Freedom Conference.  June 2018 was the 2nd annual Freedom Conference.  3 days of experiencing true freedom in Christ.  2 countries coming together, as well as multiple churches both in Mexico and the United States.