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Do you believe that a single idea can change an entire town? Can it change a nation? 

At Freedom Ministry of the South, we believe that a single concept can not only change a town but transform the way in which brokenness, addiction, recidivism, and at-risk behavior is managed in the United States and across the world.

People love to say, Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. What they don’t say is, And it would be nice if you gave him a fishing rod.(1)

Support the Brick Fundraiser

A simple concept with a long-term strategy…a Community Garden that not only feeds those in need but also equips, counsels, guides, helps, and positions them for living in freedom from drug and alcohol addiction, at-risk behavior, mental and/or emotional despair, homelessness or near-homelessness, and financial distress.
The concept of a Community Garden dates to the early 1700’s when the British Government allocated plots of land to the poor to grow vegetables and flowers, and they have flourished in some form or another ever since.(2)  There are an estimated 18,000 Community Gardens in the United States and Canada.(3)  Community Gardens have been proven to impact a number of various aspects of life from hunger mitigation, family relationships, and vegetable intake. Most Community Gardens heavily favor alleviating hunger, improving food accessibility, contributing to a sense of community, and improving neighborhood aesthetics. 

Can they be more? A Community Garden can be an amazing platform of change! 

Freedom Ministry of the South believes that not only is hunger becoming a more pronounced problem in almost every community across the United States but that impoverishment isn’t always defined by consumables. We believe there are other contributing factors which play a very crucial role in whether an individual is given the opportunity to live in true freedom. These factors include suffering directly or indirectly from drug or alcohol abuse, single parent homes, recidivism, physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, and destructive behavior and/or decision making. Some of the most heavily influenced groups include the elderly, veterans, at-risk youth, single mothers, and those suffering with addiction or mental health issues.

  • America ranks third among all nations in highest percentage of Old Age Poverty at 21.5%(4)
  • Veterans make up 12% of the homeless population and nearly 70% of them suffer from substance abuse.(5)
  • Over 20% of all suicides occur in those 65 years or older.(6)
  • 62% of teachers say that children in their classrooms are coming to school hungry.(7)
  • By the 8th grade, 28% of adolescents have consumed alcohol, 15% have smoked cigarettes, and 16.5% have tried marijuana. By 12th grade, regular use of marijuana at 22.7% will surpass cigarette use at 16.3%.(8)

Pages could be filled with alarming statistics, but the simple fact is that there are those among us, no matter where you are right now, who are broken and forgotten, and hunger is only the immediate problem. An innovative and long-term approach is needed.


Support the Brick Fundraiser


A new approach…

Our Community Garden Project differs from many others in the fact that it is a garden of intention. Some fresh produce is used to alleviate the immediate needs of those in our community; however, a large portion of its yield is used to host quarterly/seasonal community-wide events in the most at-risk neighborhoods of our town. Free food, harvested from our Community Garden, games for children, music, and fellowship allow our ministry to establish intentional relationships with those in the direst need of freedom from brokenness. There is something deeply moving and intimate about meeting someone right where they are and loving them despite their choices, financial situation, circumstances, addictions, or mental state. If Jesus Christ displayed one defining characteristic, it was a love for all mankind.(9)

Freedom Ministry of the South uses various outlets to equip those we come in contact with, depending on their level of need such as:

  • Personal invitations to a weekly gathering known as Freedom Friday, a spiritual-based program aimed at encouraging and supporting individuals transitioning from brokenness to freedom. This may include transportation in some instances.
  • Personalized counseling, mentorship, and support for addiction, abuse, depression, and despair
  • Strong relationships with several Detoxification, Rehabilitation, and Sober-Living Facilities for those seeking sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction. 
  • Job placement through local volunteers and supporting church members, when available.
  • Strong relationships with local food banks, homeless shelters, and surrounding churches.
  • Personalized direction and help with Medicare/Medicaid, when applicable.
  • Pre-Trial Diversion and/or Recidivism Programs. 

We work with many ecclesiastical and secular outlets including:

  • The Hagen Family Foundation
  • The Gathering Church, Sulphur, Louisiana
  • The Open Door Biker Church, a local soup kitchen and church
  • The Pre-Trial Diversion and Community Service Programs
  • Care Help, Sulphur, Louisiana
  • Sulphur Christian Community Coalition (SC3)
  • Vineyard Church of Moss Bluff, Louisiana
  • First Baptist Church Hackberry, Louisiana

Support the Brick Fundraiser

 Become a part of something bigger.

Through a partnership with we are offering individuals an opportunity to become part of something bigger than themselves via an Engraved Brick Donor Campaign.

The existing edging surrounding various aspects of our Community Garden will be replaced with a double row of engraved 4” x 8” x 2” bricks.

Our donors will also have the opportunity to donate engraved 8” x 8” x 2” landscaping pavers which lead to our Prayer Bench.

The cost of donation for an engraved brick or landscaping paver is $50 and $100, respectively. 

Each donor can use our interactive campaign website to fully customize their engraving with up to three lines of font and over 30 clip art images in stock.

An online, virtual engraved brick design page allows all donors to view their engraved brick before donating. 

Our bricks come with a lifetime guarantee and are perfect for remembering a loved one, showcasing your solidarity, uniting your friends, church, or coworkers, or teaching your children or class the importance of helping and loving all who are in need. 

For your generosity…

Each of our donors will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, a personalized Thank You Card, a photograph of their brick or paver being placed, and the option to become part of a quarterly email update showcasing Freedom Ministry and how your generous donations have advanced our community and ministry. 

What will donating achieve…

With your purchase, your brick or paver becomes a lasting memorial, showcases community, national, and international unity and solidarity against impoverishment (both tangible and emotional), and provides a “talking point” sparking community interest and personal involvement.

All money donated allows Freedom Ministry of the South to continue to pursue its dream of transforming the way hunger, deprivation, and impoverishment of the mind, body, and spirit is approached. We want to redesign the blueprint, break the mold, and become an example for similar and like-minded groups to follow. 

Donations will allow us to continue to maintain and expand our current Community Garden and put the foundations in place to operate our own six-bed transitional/sober living home. 


Support the Brick Fundraiser